Special Project Enclosures

Special Project Enclosures for Noisy Areas

Looking for a manufacturer of acoustic enclosures? Do you have a noisy machine needing an enclosure to dampen out unwanted noise? Or do you need to meet planning permission specifications? Then you have come to the right place! We specialise in custom built acoustic enclosures, we have worked on many special projects giving you the results you require.

Our acoustic enclosures, soundproof cabinets or boxes are both durable and weather-proof, and are the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor use.

Why Choose Us

Our company’s speciality is special project engineering and the designing of innovative engineering solutions to difficult noise problems. Our designers come from a mechanical engineering background and therefore are fully appreciative of the engineering complexity of the client’s equipment and the practical difficulties of carrying out noise control.

Most equipment needs to be ventilated. Our engineers have the experience and knowledge to calculate the correct attenuator configuration to suit any aerodynamic requirement. Where there are hostile environments all splitter attenuator components are powder coated internally and externally prior to the insulation material being installed and the attenuator assembled using a stainless steel liner.

When new construction projects are designed they are usually subject to the local Council Planning conditions. These conditions usually cover the maximum noise level intrusion permitted for any new plant being installed.

Older installations may be subject to a complaint from a nearby resident which will also be investigated by the Council’s environmental officers.

With new build enclosures we can be part of the design and installation process however, with existing plant installations we have to design around what is there whilst still allowing the plant to operate and be maintained efficiently.

Reduce complaints from nearby residents

With a reduction in your noise emissions into the surrounding environment, you will also reduce the chance of costly residential complaints.  Doing your bit for the environment and your local community.

Consultancy Services

To find out how we can help you and the results we can give you then our noise testing service is required, so we also offer consultancy services.  We are able to conduct an on-site acoustic survey to help you establish the exact noise levels given off by your air conditioning units and the options available to you to reduce you noise pollution.

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