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Diesel Acoustic Enclosures for Noisy Areas

Looking for a manufacturer of acoustic enclosures for your Diesel Generator or CHP unit? Do you have a noisy machine needing an enclosure to dampen out unwanted noise? Or do you need to meet planning permission specifications? Then you have come to the right place! Our acoustic enclosures, soundproof cabinets or boxes are both durable and weather-proof, and are the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor use.

Why Choose Us

With modern businesses focusing more and more on IT and digital communications continuous electrical supplies are essential. Most medium to large business operations now have a UPS backed up by a standby diesel generator. Whilst this provides the electrical security it also provides an intrusive noise and pollution source which has to be dealt with.
Our company specialised in the custom design of acoustic enclosures to meet the specific environmental design requirements needed by the client. We work closely with the client to produce engineering solutions to suit the site conditions, submitting design drawings for appraisal and approval prior to commencement of manufacture.

Enclosures are manufactured and finished to suit the environment where they are sited. Where there is a need for a hostile environment enclosure all panels, doors and frame members can be marine powder coated inside and out prior to the assembly with insulation materials and lining with stainless steel perforated.

Installation of our enclosures is always carried out or supervised by our trained installation team of engineers, working closely with the client and strictly adhering to the method statement and risk assessment documentation provided and agreed prior to commencement of the installation.

Many new commercial buildings and hospitals are designed to operate using a combined heat and power generator which usually runs on gas but which captures the heat energy from the engine cooling system and exhaust to supply heating and hot water for the building. These are usually large engines with the associated noise problems which require enclosures and attenuators.

Particular attention has to be paid to the exhaust system and we work closely with a silencer manufacturer specialising in reactive and absorption silencers to meet every application, in either mild steel or stainless. Where required we install these with a full twin wall stainless exhaust system.

Reduce complaints from nearby residents

With a reduction in your noise emissions into the surrounding environment, you will also reduce the chance of costly residential complaints.  Doing your bit for the environment and your local community.

Consultancy Services

To find out how we can help you and the results we can give you then our noise testing service is required, so we also offer consultancy services.  We are able to conduct an on-site acoustic survey to help you establish the exact noise levels given off by your air conditioning units and the options available to you to reduce you noise pollution. Call us now on 01787 269 934 or fill out the quick enquiry form to the right and we will get back to you shortly.

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Free Proposal

If you simply require budgetary costs then we can do this from drawings and photographs. However, if you have serious and urgent problems we would attend site, measure up and provide costed engineering solutions at no cost to the customer.