Air Conditioning Enclosures

Air Conditioning Acoustic Enclosures for Noisy Areas

Looking for a manufacturer of acoustic enclosures for your air conditioning unit? Do you have a noisy machine needing an enclosure to dampen out unwanted noise? Or do you need to meet planning permission specifications? Then you have come to the right place!

Our acoustic enclosures, soundproof cabinets or boxes are both durable and weather-proof, and are the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor use.

Why Choose Us

With the advent of modern air-conditioning equipment more architects are specifying this as the primary source of both cooling and heating. This can mean small single or multiple condenser units enclosed for domestic use or multiple large VRV type units for commercial buildings.

Whether the condensers are of large or small capacity they will generally be subject to planning conditions. These conditions will usually be arrived at after an environmental noise survey has been carried out to assess the background levels of the surrounding environment over the time periods when the machines will operate. The noise reduction that is required of the enclosure will generally be determined by the results of the impact report generated from the survey.

Where a client has a specific problem our company can deal with the local Environmental Health Officer to engineer solutions which meet the requirements of the client and the Council

When designing the enclosures for condenser units we take great care in preventing re-circulation by physically segregating the inlet cooling air from the outlet. We treat the aerodynamic design of air conditioning equipment enclosures with paramount importance due to the generally poor pressure performance of the inbuilt fan units.

Reduce complaints from nearby residents

With a reduction in your noise emissions into the surrounding environment, you will also reduce the chance of costly residential complaints.  Doing your bit for the environment and your local community.

Consultancy Services

To find out how we can help you and the results we can give you then our noise testing service is required, so we also offer consultancy services.  We are able to conduct an on-site acoustic survey to help you establish the exact noise levels given off by your air conditioning units and the options available to you to reduce you noise pollution.

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Free Proposal

If you simply require budgetary costs then we can do this from drawings and photographs. However, if you have serious and urgent problems we would attend site, measure up and provide costed engineering solutions at no cost to the customer.