Impact and Planning Compliance Surveys

Noise impact reports

Acoustic Enclosures are being called on more and more to prepare noise impact reports to meet the requirements of the planning departments of local authorities.

We are finding that more of our customers are looking for a company with our kind of practical experience in noise control to carry out their 24hr noise impact surveys as we can recommend solutions to ensure compliance which are practical and cost effective.

Unfortunately, many noise consultancies can prepare exceedingly accurate and detailed reports but they cannot resist the temptation of specifying designs for noise control to meet compliance. Again, unfortunately, these designs often bear no relation to the practical realities to the engineering involved in complying with the planning requirements. We have picked up the pieces of too many projects now to know that these problems are not isolated cases, which is why we now have the trained engineers and the equipment to carry out 24hr or longer surveys to meet our customer’s needs.