Amongst the general noise surveys and impact surveys carried out in December we have some very challenging practical projects. One of these projects was the most technically and mechanically difficult projects we have had for some time.

packaged diesel generator

A packaged diesel generator had been installed in a light well in the rear courtyard of a prestigious commodities trading building in Mayfair. On the advice of a consultant the installation company had carried out some noise control work in order to meet the strict planning condition. However, the target was missed by in excess of 20dB. The installation company was obviously compromised with the end client through no fault of his own so turned to Acoustic Enclosures to try and resolve the matter.

general noise and impact surveys
The main problem from a design point of view was space. The generator took up most of the space in the light well and due to landlord restrictions we were unable to fix anything to the building and we had to maintain the existing clearance around the generator for access to drainage covers etc. However, we eventually came up with a workable solution and the unit has now been tested and cleared by the client.